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Welcome to ORI Foods Global, your trusted source for premium packaged foods, drinks, meat, and seafood products in Nigeria and across the globe. We take pride in delivering excellence, with 90% of our food products sourced from organic farms to ensure your health and satisfaction.

What We Do

All ORI foods are sourced from the finest organic ingredients.

We understand that the journey of exceptional food begins at the source. That’s why we painstakingly select the finest organic farms, fisheries, and producers to bring you ingredients of unparalleled quality. Our commitment to sourcing excellence guarantees that the foundation of every ORI product is nothing but the best

Perfect! without compromising on health.


Indulge in Excellence with ORI’s Major Products

Our Products

ORI Foods Global takes pride in offering a delectable array of major products that redefine taste and quality. From our exquisite ZIV Dates Syrup/Sweetener to the invigorating Dates and Ginger drink, and the pristine purity of our ZIV Bottled Water, every product is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

“Dates are a testament to the artistry of nature, a fruit that encapsulates centuries of wisdom and a sweetness that transcends time. They are like little jewels from the palm, each bite a journey through history and a celebration of the earth’s bounty.”

“Water is the essence of life itself, a liquid elixir that flows through our veins and sustains our existence. It is the silent giver of life, a source of serenity, and a reflection of purity. In its simplicity, water carries the profound message that life, like its flowing streams, is ever-changing and eternal.”

“Dates are the ultimate fusion of nature’s wisdom and the human desire for sweetness. They teach us that sometimes, the most profound satisfaction can be found in the purest, unadorned flavors. They are a symbol of patience and perseverance, taking years to ripen and enrich our lives.”


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Dates Syrup – A Gourmet Sweetener

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